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Carers Information and Support Service


At Carers Together we offer friendly and confidential services that aim to ease the pressure of caring.  Our team of staff and volunteers are on hand to help carers with any issues they may face, including benefits, health problems, housing, training, employment, taking a break from caring or concerns about the person they care for.


Our Carers Information and Support workers will listen to carers’ experiences, help them to identify their needs and work with them to find solutions.  We can also attend meetings with carers and link in with other relevant agencies to help carers manage their caring responsibilities.


We support carers whatever their caring role, their situation or their circumstances.  This includes people who care for someone with memory problems, mental health difficulties or substance misuse issues.  We also support parent carers looking after a child or young peson with a disability, illness or health condition.


We provide flexible support that can respond to carers’ changing needs.




We provide information and support for carers, individually or in groups:

  • at home
  • in local community venues
  • by telephone or email

We offer:



Carers Assessments

Carers have a legal right to an assessment of their needs, which gives carers an opportunity to talk about what they do to support the person they care for and about how caring affects their lives, their health, work, finances and relationships.


We can help carers to complete carers assessments.

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Support for Carers of Patients in Hospitals 

It can be a worrying time when the people carers look after are unwell and in hospital: carers may be concerned about how they will look after them when they return home.

We have staff who are on hand to support carers before, during and after a patient's discharge from hospital, to ensure that carers can take on or continue their caring role. 

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Welfare Rights Service 

Caring for somebody can be difficult for many reasons and carers may have to reduce their working hours or be reliant on benefits. We offer support and advice to help carers to complete forms in order to access the allowances and benefits they are entitled to and we can represent carers at tribunals and appeals. We also know that carers are often managing the finances of the person they care for and we can support carers with this too. 

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Counselling Service 

Looking after someone else can be exhausting both physically and mentally and it is important that carers look after their own health and wellbeing.

We offer a free counselling service to help carers to reduce stress and to encourage them to have some time for themselves. Whilst it can be helpful for carers to talk to family and friends about how they feel, it is sometimes easier to talk to a qualified and experienced counsellor. 

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Information and Support for Working Carers and Employers

Balancing the demands of caring with the responsibilities of a paid job can be difficult.  Carers who give up work can often face financial hardship so it’s worth thinking about the support you might need to maintain your caring role, as well as your paid job.  This could include having access to a phone to contact the person you care for, time off for appointments, or flexible working arrangements.


Talking to an employer about your caring role is not easy.  However, there may be existing support available at work that you are not aware of.  We can help to support carers and employers to discuss working carers’ needs and rights.


We can provide employers with information, training and advice in recruiting, retaining and supporing staff who are unpaid carers.

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Carers Card Scheme

Carers often worry about what would happen if they were delayed, taken ill or called away.  We can provide a free Carers Card which offers peace of mind for the carer and for the person they care for, knowing an agreed plan can be activated in an emergency.


Another benefit of the Carers Card is that it can provide you access to discounts at several independent businesses including:


Holistic Therapies/Hairdressers

Butterfly Holistic Therapies: 79 High Street, Marske.  Tel: 07960889447

Discount offered: £20 for an hour’s treatment


The Vault Hair Studio: Suite 14, Cargo Fleet Offices, Middlesbrough Road, Middlebrough TS6 6XH

Tel: 07487 606815  email: thevaulthairstudio@outlook.com

Discount Offered: 30% off full price service.  Carers are also offered a free conditioning treatment and hand and lower arm massage.



Karen Winspear Group Fitness: Tel: 0779 4571933

or email: motivatekidsfitness@gmail.com


Discount offered: 50p discount off any class


TNT Fitness: 18 Fountain Street, Guisborough TS14 6PP

Tel: 01287 634439 or email: info@tnt-fitness.com


Discount offered: Student rate for all carers



Route 1 Coffee House Ltd: 3 Queen Street, Redcar TS10 1DY

Tel: 01642 913433 or email: t.morrell_creativethinking@yahoo.co.uk

Discount offered; 10% discount on all products and services at Route 1 including food, drink, bike repairs and bike purchases.

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Events and Activities




Social distancing doesn't mean that you have to stop seeing friends completely!


With this in mind, we're making the most of modern technology to ensure that we can stay connected, and are hosting a wide range of online events using Zoom. 


Why not join us from the comfort of your own home and meet our friendly team and chat with other Carers.


Each week we are hosting a wide range of weekly activities including Virtual Coffee Mornings, Quizzes, Singalongs and History Talks to name just a few. 


Our Information and Support Team are hosting sessions to provide Carers with a wide range of information on topics such as changes to welfare benefits and services.


All of the groups are full of friendly faces and new Carers are always welcome.  If you haven’t attended a group before or are unsure of how to use Zoom, please contact the office on 01642 488977 and speak to Jay Jackson, Volunteer and Engagement Officer.


Click here to find out dates and times of our groups and events on our Events Calendar or contact the office on 01642 488977 to subscribe to our E-Newsletter.


To attend one of our online events, just contact the office on 01642 488977 to register your interest, you’ll then be issued with the individual event joining details.


You can sign up to Zoom via your browser here: https://zoom.us/signup or download the app for mobile or tablets here: https://zoom.us/support/download.


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Training for carers 

Training can help carers to feel more knowledgeable and confident in managing their caring role. The training we provide for carers includes First Aid, Food Hygiene, Moving and Handling and Caring with Confidence. Our training sessions are free and delivered at different venues and times to provide flexibility for carers.  


Click here to view our Events Calendar which details all of our planned training sessions.


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Training for Staff in Other Organisations

We offer training sessions in Carer Awareness for staff and volunteers in organisations in the public, voluntary and private sectors.  Training sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of particular groups of staff/volunteers.

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Carers Together provide flexible support that can respond to a carer's changing needs.

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Almost a third of people caring for 35 hours or more per week say that they receive no practical support with caring


54% of people caring for someone discharged from hospital had either not been consulted about their discharge or had only been consulted at the last minute




44% of carers have been in debt as a result of caring






92% of carers said that their mental health has been affected by caring





By 2037 it is anticipated that the number of carers will increase to 9 million











The number of carers aged 65+ increased by 35% between 2001 and 2011 











Over 3 million people in England and Wales are working alongside caring









56% of carers who give up work to care have spent 5 years out of work as a result










In England and Wales 58% of carers are women and 42% are men

















84% of carers surveyed by Carers UK said that caring has had a negative impact on their health




The value of care and support provided by carers is estimated as £119 billion per year



There are over 6.5 million carers in the UK

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