Carers Grief and Loss Service

Carers Grief and Loss Service

The Carers Grief and Loss Service will aim to help you cope more effectively with the impact of loss or grief following a traumatic event.

As well as bereavement, there are other types of loss such as when a caring role ends or when a loved one moves into a care home. You may also be experiencing grief and loss as the condition of the person you’ve been caring for deteriorates.

The Carers Grief and Loss Service can:

  • Provide a range of emotional support services tailored to your needs. This could include one to one counselling, regular calls and visits from our team or group support.
  • Help to reconnect you to the community and support you to access your chosen activities.
  • Provide somebody to listen to you and help with any practical issues you may have.

Our team are experienced in supporting carers through the emotional impact of grief and loss. We also have a team of experienced, qualified counsellors who can support you through regular one to one counselling sessions. You can access this service at any stage of your grief and loss experience. The service is free of charge.

To talk to someone, or for advice or further information, please call 01642 488977 or email:

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