Health & Care Bill 2021 – Proposals for Carers

Earlier this week the Government introduced the Health and Care Bill which builds on the NHS’s Long Term Plan, and includes proposals to ensure that public involvement does not just include those who use NHS services. While the media focus has primarily been on increased ministerial powers and tendering processes for the NHS, there are some long-awaited proposals that will impact upon unpaid Carers.

The bill advocates for the involvement of Carers in decisions about treatment, and the prevention of illness, for the person they care for, consultation with Carers during the hospital discharge process and the inclusion of Carers in the commissioning of services within an integrated care system.  If you would like to read more about how the Bill proposes to support Carers, Carers UK have published an overview and their response to the government (Carers UK responds to introduction of Health and Care Bill – Carers UK).

We will be following the Bill’s progress through parliament with great interest!